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Omaha & Matakana Electrical Services


Trusted Local Matakana Electricians

Our team of local Matakana/Omaha Electricians work locally to ensure timely, professional electrical services for home and business owners. Whether it is a new build, reno or smaller jobs, the team at MACE have built a strong local reputation for providing a high quality service.


Air Conditioning &
Heat Pumps

Alongside our electrical services in Matakana & Omaha, we provide local installation and servicing of air conditioning and heat pumps. We cater to new builds and renovation projects.

Heat pumps

& Heat Transfer Systems

We provide installation of fresh air systems, heat transfer systems, and various extraction solutions to enhance a dry and healthy living environment within your Matakana home or business.

Smart Vent Positive
Pressure Systems

SmartVent Lite provides a cost-effective ventilation solution that actively monitors temperature conditions, ensuring continuous high-quality air circulation within your home. Positive pressure systems, particularly suitable for homes with timber or older aluminum joinery, guarantee superior air quality.


Your Local Electricans in Matakana & Omaha

At MACE we like to keep it local. Each of our directors grew up just down the road in Warkworth. With a focus on openness, punctuality, and authentic guidance, MACE has expanded organically through referrals, serving numerous homeowners and business proprietors across Mangawhai, Warkworth, and the Matakana Coast.

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